AMEU – Alma Mater Europaea – is an institution initiated by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. It was founded in 2010 and has its headquarter in Salzburg.


The aim of Alma Mater Europaea is to promote an international leading elite in the fields of education, culture, economics, law, health, nutrition and environment. The programmes of our network are based on cultural traditions and diversity in Europe. Course contents will focus on essential factors of it and align them to the future. To succeed in a complex global world, leading elites must be equipped with new skills. Abilities to “LEADERSHIP” – based on European philosophy, its multinational history with the opportunity to apply frequently what is proven in the global context. The ALUMNI of AMEU will eventually form a network for the future of Europe!


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President Unger: “We founders realized that the image of science has shifted away from the human being and has become lopsidedly material. We felt that, as materialism gets the upper hand in science and society, humanity diverges from its essential qualities and degenerates metaphysically, thus threatening to spoil human nature.”

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