International School on Safety and Environmental Protection (I.S.S.E.P.)

The ISSEP is an European Professional School post-graduate for high professional training in the field of safety and environmental protection.


The school promotes advanced training of new generations in the safety analysis and environmental protection in an European context and in the African countries of the Mediterranean sea by using e-learning technologies.

 The school also encourages public debate concerning the risks to which the society or individual can be subject when natural or human activities move in potentially dangerous directions.


For environmental safeguard and its protection, this initiative allows the formation of experts in:

  • design, construction and operation of facilities, critical infrastructures and high- risk plants
  • verification of the compliance of engineering structures to statutory regulations and requirements of supervisory authorities.
  • Design and development of equipment for protection, safety and health of workers, public and environment.
  • Prevention and protection against natural disasters in the territory of unstable areas with particular attention to historical Centres and Cultural Heritage
  • Economic and social risks
  • Security Management
  • Risk Analysis and Disaster Management