Center for Applied Policy Research – Munich (CAP)

As an independent think tank, the C·A·P uses its unique working methods of „applied policy research“ to close the gap between politics and academia.

The Center for Applied Policy Research is the largest university-based institution in Germany for political advising on European and international issues. It was founded in 1995 by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Werner Weidenfeld as a home for practice-oriented, externally-financed research, aligned with the chair for political systems and European unification of Munich’s Geschwister-Scholl Institute for Political Science at the Ludwig Maximilian University.

The C·A·P draws its operating funds from projects and partnerships with foundations, government institutions and corporations. The Center brings together academic understanding in order to work out strategies and options for current issues in politics. The Center’s Research Groups and projects combine international and interdisciplinary analysis with concrete suggestions for political practice.

The C·A·P uses this approach to advise political leaders on decisions about different issues. Simultaneously, it communicates the results of its work to the public and to a large number of opinion shapers via publications and the Internet.