College of Medical Sciences Rezonanca – Prishtina

Institution of higher education which provides education and training in accordance with European Standards.

Rezonanca College is a prestigious institution and center of excellence in higher education in Kosovo, with campuses located in Pristina.

Since the quality of health services depends fundamentally on the qualification of medical staff, and to provide the opportunity to have qualified personnel as much as possible, and based on the health needs for now and for the future, we iniciate opening the of the Faculty of Medical Sciences with clear standards, with the aim of creating a quality environment, which provides education and training to comply with these Standards.


  • Academic Excellence
  • Innovative study programs
  • Modern teaching
  • Efficient method of assessment according to educational objectives that promote learning, and
  • Effective mechanisms of feedback on student performance

Rector’s Message

With the licensing of private educational institutions, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosova enabled enriching the current system of education from different areas, including medical sciences to. With this Ministry has introduced completely new concepts of the medical education of XXI century.
As an institution will make all efforts, through cooperation with relevant national and international institutions, to achieve the necessary reputation as an institution of higher education, which will continue to provide, promote and develop programs and quality services, according to international standards.
In a period of just five years of activity our institution is proven as an important center of medical education in Kosovo. The activities in this institution include educational activities at the medical professions, such as: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy and diagnostic radiology.
We are proud that we implement reformed medical programs and adapted to health care and the best professional development. Programs contain the nucleus of basic disciplines, with the components of personal and professional development, in order to enhance certain skills, such as communication and scientific methods.

Professional qualification in the medical field represents direct evidence of successful completion of studies that qualifies them for the use of professional deegre and independently practice of medical profession. As a private institution of higher education with competence wish to confirm that the graduates are able to perform medical practice according to the highest standards in national and international level.

With graduation candidates obtain full professional autonomy within which:

  • must understand the legal and ethical responsibilities of professional practice;
  • should be able to practice effectively inter-professional approaches to health system;
  • should reflect best professional practice;
  • demonstrate a high degree of communication skills, and
  • to play an active role in health education and health promotion programs.

For this reason, through the development of academic mechanisms we try to implement a quality control of the new graduated towards academic standards of developed countries.

In order to advance higher education we have designed this development strategy, through which aims to fulfill the strategic objectives for the five-year period of development. Certain elements of this strategy are the result of self-assessment activity of the institution concerned to meet the basic standards and quality development standards under the basic fields of activity.